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Re: Factory Ronal R8 wheels

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:
>...factory color options were for stock Ronals. Mine need paint, I was 
>thinking Graphite, which was a option on Commemorative Edition cars...

	No, the Graphite Metallic paint offered as an option on the
Commemorative Edition cars was for the body only. If that color was
chosen as opposed to the BEAUTIFUL Alpine White, then the Ronals
actually came regular old silver! TRUE! Not special looking at all IMHO!
(BTW, IT'S Comm **DESIGN**!! C-GT, not Comm Ed.. C-GT.  It was a Comm.
DESIGN Series, sooo...therefore. Check Eric Flurh's(?) page...).

> have seen black, white, Zermatt(I believe). Any others? Or is black 
> not a factory option?

	I think I've actually seen the Ronals painted 'Graphite' also, but
don't really remember. It may be a factory option.....

> center caps, is there a way to get that sticker, if they are re-painted?

	No idea.... Sorry.

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