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Re: A4QT Encouragement

> I signed on this list two days ago and have been overwhelmed with all
> the messages, especially of car problems.  The A4 1.8TQ (automatic) I
> ordered is due in two weeks.  I think I overpaid, other car dealers keep
> calling with bargains, and Audi lease costs seem exhorbitant.  I am
> looking for some encouraging words from new A4 owners -- is this the
> safe, reliable, fun car I am looking for?

i don't know what you are looking for but:

* we love our a4 1.8TQ !
* we have had no problems with it at all (9k miles)
* it handles fantastically (goodyears not withstanding)
* at about 6k miles the car seemed to get much zippier, it was like a
loyalty bonus !
* here in the bay area of california the a4 has always been in short
supply so the dealers have more leverage, especially if you want to
choose exactly what you want. our local dealer has NO 1.8s that are not
pre-sold coming for about two months.
* leases are extremely deceptive deals, especially those advertised on
tv. look at the mileage figures (if you can read fast). who does 30,000
miles over 39 months ? go into the dealer and find out what 50,000 miles
costs....suddenly it's hey.....where did that "bargain lease" go ?

there's a tendency on any mailing list to talk about problems, kind of
like tv news....