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Really heavy clutch effort

Again I seek the wisdom of the Q-listers. I recently was able to compare 
clutch actions of my Coupe with that of two others, and mine is BY FAR 
heavier in effort, so much that I find it difficult to drive in stop and 
go situations any length of time. The other two cars (both 85s; mine is 
an 86) were nearly identical and what I would consider "normal" in most 
cars. What the heck is wrong with mine?? The one owner said he had a 
similiar problem and replaced his hydraulic fluid. I'm extremely 
skeptical of this, as I see no reason the fluid should affect pedal 
effort. Not to mention that replacing the clutch fluid is a PITA and more 
often than not will cause premature failure of the slave cylinder (so 
I've been told). The clutch itself works just fine otherwise.
PLEASE reply direct to me, as I am not currently subscribed to the list 
as I have intermittent access to my mailbox. TIA!!
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