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Non-heated OXS in place of heated unit

I just found what that open two pin connector is for on my '85 4kQ ... 
the heater for the OXS!  Apparently someone replaced it with a non-
heated (cheaper) unit somewhere along the way.  I know that this 
means that the sensor will not heat up as quickly, but my concern 
is that Audi may have placed the OXS farther downstream in the 
exhaust due to the fact that it would be heated, far enough away 
that it never reaches proper operating temperature.  Does anyone 
know for sure if this is or is not the case?  I'm going to be taking 
the car in to be smogged, and I'm wondering if I'm going to have 
any problems even though the engine is sufficiently warmed up.  I 
suppose that the smog tech could fail me immediately if he notices 
that the unit is not heated, but I dont think they check that.  

Feel free to copy the list on any replies if you feel it is appropriate, 
but I would also appreciate it if you could copy me on the reply so 
that I can see it before Monday ...

Steve Buccholz