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fan CFM? wanted: '89 100 blade

What is the rated CFM for the cooling fan on an '89 100?  

Also, if you know of a source for a used fan blade, I would greatly
appreciate it.  I have gotten several quotes for a new blade @ $75 and
cannot find a used blade only (5 'net quotes and 6 local sources).  In
the process of correcting a cooling problem, I need to replace the fan
blade.  It has a broken fin causing significant vibration.

I tried a Pep Boys supplied part (motor and fan for $65) rated for 1250
CFM open, 1000 CFM "typical radiator configuration."  It doesn't appear
to cool well enough - the car dropped 3-4oz of coolant after a 10 minute
drive and the original imbalanced blade and motor worked okay.

Any wisdom is appreciated.

Adam Dixon
'89 100