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Re: Audi A4 30 Valve sighting... in the US!

At 09:56 PM 6/14/97 -0400, Ramana Lagemann wrote:
>I just went over to the AUDINEWS page at EUROCARFINDER-
>and got a glimpse of the A4 30V which is not supposed to be on our
>shores yet, and a thought popped into my mind... Egads! I have seen this
>car elsewhere! Actually, I was at Rietzl Audi the other day, paying $170
>for a steering column switch assembly 8*( and while waiting, I wandered
>on back behind the building and I saw the A4 30V! Actually, I don't know
>if it was a 30V, it looked exactly like a normal A4 with "2.8 quattro"
>badging, however, it had the distinctive 7 spoke wheels that the 30V
>has. Have others in the U.S. seen this car, and I just haven't noticed,
>or what?

Just to quickly clue you in...

The 30V A4 has been available in the US since late May (I took delivery of
mine on May 29).  Without the sport package, the only way to differentiate
a 30V from a 12V is to pop the hood.

So if you see a 2.8 with a sticker indicating its a '98, its a 30V.

- Josh
Josh Pinkert