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Re: First trip in my Q

Brendan <bman@swva.net> wrote:

>About an hour after the rain began, something started to nag at me every
>time I looked in my rear-view mirror.  Eventually I realized that it was my
>rear window.  It was completely and utterly dry, and had not felt a single
>drop of rain.  At first I attributed this to the fact that we were moving.
>"Of course it doesn't rain on the rear window, we're moving too fast, the
>aerodynamics of the car, blah blah..."  That didn't satisfy me for long,
>however, as I began to wonder why water on the roof of the car didn't roll
>back and eventually down the rear window.

Yep, that's what mine does, too. After half an hour's driving, it even
manages to dry an already wet rear screen. Great, especially since my dear
departed Kadett and Jetta had great problems in that respect. The Jetta
needed a rear wiper, the Kadett had one but needed two.
Just one of the nice touches that reminds me that I bought a
well-engineered car. Like a synchro'ed reverse gear- now I laugh at every
other 'luxury' car that doesn't have this feature.

Glad to see you're enjoying your Audi. Hope you'll be doing so for a long time!


PS High volume? On this list? Naah... after a day's reading, only stopped
for watching BTCC and eating dinner, I've already managed to reduce my
q-digest backlog from eight days to three. Glad it's a little more quiet
over the weekends...:-)

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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