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100CS & pig roasts & overheating

In message <Pine.A32.3.91.970615203040.34460C-100000@elk.uvm.edu> "Louis A. Mulieri" writes:

> 	I'm still cogitating on this problem with my Audi.  Without a/c 
> on a warm day, >75 F, the temperature flucuates from 1/4+ to 1/2+ at 
> which temperature the fan comes on and brings the temperature down.  Now 
> my thinking is that below the temperature at which the fan comes on the 
> thermostat is regulating the temperature to it's set point.  When the 
> engine heat output exceeds the capacity of the radiator the thermostat 
> stays open and the temperature is regulated by the set point of the 
> radiator fan.  Question does this mean that the radiator heat dissapating 
> capacity is low for the heat load or that I have a thermostat with too 
> low a set point.

I like to see the temperature gauge sit firmly on "N" for "Normal" in the 
middle of the dial.  The fan should cut in if the gauge goes above "N".
I suspect your gauge is reading low.

On most Audis, the thermostat starts to open at 87 Celsius.  It's usually (if 
not always) fully open once the engine reaches operating temperature and stays 
that way.  Really its only function is to make the engine warm up more quickly 
than it would if all the external water mass were circulating.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club