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Re: Moving to the UK

Since it apears that our fellow lister wants the car mainly for running around the continent
then it may be an interesting idea for him to buy a LHD car in Holland or Germany and bring 
it into the UK. If he can save as much as you say over the UK prices.

- Douglas

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In message <199706161048.MAA29475@mykonos.Holland.Sun.COM> Douglas.Mancini@Holland.Sun.COM (Douglas Mancini  - Order Manager - OFC Netherlands) writes:

> Just bought one in Holland for FL8000, and it's nice.
> And its no exception.

Then his solution is to buy one in Holland - not in the UK.

I can fax you or him the adverts page from the Newsletter.  Yes, there
_are_ some cars around for less.  There's a 1984 for GBP3,000 - $5300 -
and it only smokes "slightly".

OTOH there's a 1989 MB a little newer than mine for $22,500 and a 1992
20V with 53,000 miles for $35,200.

The going rate for a 1984-1986 car in tolerable condition, perhaps with
high mileage but running well, is $10,000 to $12,000.

 Phil Payne
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