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Prize winning Ripp car!!

Ross Esposito              rippmods@rapidramp.net               
Ripp Modifications       

 I was at a Drag War,this weekend,and I 
set up as a vender.
There was a guy there who had a weird set up
A 90Q 20v with a Garret turbo and a jetta trottle 
body and a interC. from a strarion,and a haltech 
fuel system.the center diff was welded together 
and sounded like hell.Ran a 12.3 .25mi
and snapped a cam!
It weighed 2860lb.
I don't know about you,but it's barly an Audi anymore!

MY car won a 2nd place car show prize
2nd to an EVO Mercedes 190 the good one!

The catagory was european wild!

Anyone come up with a clutch for me?
I knew about the diff's already'my question was 
if anyone HAD any! 

Later guys!