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Re: Audi A4 30 Valve sighting... in the US!

In a message dated 97-06-14 22:01:45 EDT, you write:

<< on back behind the building and I saw the A4 30V! Actually, I don't know
 if it was a 30V, it looked exactly like a normal A4 with "2.8 quattro"
 badging, however, it had the distinctive 7 spoke wheels that the 30V
 has. Have others in the U.S. seen this car, and I just haven't noticed,
 or what?
Fred Baker (Fred Baker Audi - OH) brought a black one to Mid Ohio Event a
couple of weeks ago.  I chased it with my wagon on the way to the track.
 Seemed slower than I thought it would be (or me faster than...), he knew I
was workin him too.  Sorry, didn't get a lap time out of the car, don't think
he put it on the track tho.