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RE: Grey Market car, circ. 1990's

Actually, for one year BMW Canada imported around 80 of the euro-spec 
M3s (non-evo) with the 3.0l, 286bhp, completely variable VANOS and 
individual throttle engine. That was back in 1995 (I think) and we 
didn't get M3's again until this year but they are all US spec 240bhp 
beasts. We never got the 321 bhp Evo 1 that you can get in Europe. 

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Ok, since no one has seen a late model car, I would like to inform you 
all of
several extremely intelligent BMW owners in the North East, who, for a 
hours of travel, got an additional 60 hp in their M3's for the same 
 You see, Canada imports the 321 hp euro-spec M3, which just happens 
to be
visually identicle to the U.S spec M3.  I have seen 3 of these 
cars, allo of them with (woops) US plates, all three from New York.
 Actually, i believe if you go now, you get the 340 hp version of the