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re: 5000 Turbo AC questions

>I finally got a chance to take a peek at my parent's 84 5000 Turbo.
They were complaining that the A/C doesn't cool.  Upon playing
with the system I discovered that the A/C will cool quite well
if I set the climate control's temperature to 60 deg F (max cool
setting), and the air comes out of the dash vents at high speed like
it should in this setting.  However, if I set the temp to even one
step higher, the system changes to only blow air out of the footwell
and dashtop (defrost) vents, and the blower fan decreases to a very
low speed.  This is with an ambient temperature around 90 deg F and...<

Although the A/C in my '89 100 is still not working 100% reliably, I
believe I encountered a very similar problem to the one you described and
found it to be cured when I reconnected some detached vacuum hoses from the
Climate Control system (there appear to be 3 small hoses coming through the
firewall in my 100). One disconnect was to the heater valve, and the other
disconnected vacuum hose was found under the plastic plenum cover. Check
those hoses (tubes?) before attempting more serious surgery.


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