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Hi lister's:

On Linda's 'pig roasting' problem, Phil wrote:

>>the Toyota is much cooler.  Thus the joke, my Audi heats up enough to
>>have a pig roast under the hood. 

>There _is_, however, one potential issue in the after-run fan.
>This runs to cool the radiator if it's _really_ hot, and sounds (in an
>enclosed garage) a little like a Jumbo jet taxiing.
>You should hear this at least occasionally, and if you don't it usually
>means that the switch (on the rear of the radiator, at the bottom) is
>either disconnected or defective. On a five year old car, there's a
>reasonable chance that this switch has gone.

In my 1982 (box-design, 'pre-airflow type') that fan is cutting in when
motortemperature is rising (slow traffic in warm weather or stop-and-go after a
faster and longer run)..

So far so good..

Sometimes when going to park that fan is still running, but when I pull the
contact-key off it stops, leaving the engine with its warmth..., waiting for
the pigs coming......

Many other cars (other makes) leave their fans running in that situation.. 

Does my setup be faulty or haven't Audi-engineers been thinking long enough
(when my type was designed) ??

Maybe any of you, or Phil himself, has some to say on this..?

Audi 100 GL 1982 (222000 km's)

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