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Re: Fire in the hole... Ross please read

> For more discussion on this, a quick visit to the talon list has some    
>measurements of atmos dump vs closed loop.  Those boys (and they play in the
>350-400hp range) indicate that open only gives a tenth or two on quarter mile
>times, so most run open ONLY at the track, closed loop everywhere else.  And
>that is on a very sophisticated MAS computer.

I'll save you some hassle.  Where this trick works the best is when you have
a fuel computer with a pressure sensor to help with the tuning.  For stock
fuel computers such as the Talons and Audis, you will get a rich spike.  I
have videotape of some runs down the dragstrip in my Talon with the bypass
valve disconnected.  Everytime I shifted I got a puff of black smoke out the
exhaust.  With the pressure sensors, they can tell that there is less air
actually going into the engine and can cut fuel delivery accordingly.  I run
with the bypass valve connected all the time, although I will admit it does
sound way cool combined with a free-flow aftermarket exhaust.  On other
thing, there is very little difference in the way the car performes with the
bypass valve connected and disconnected.  For more info on Audis, look for
Igor Kessels post about installing a bypass valve in the archives.

Gee, looks like were now doing your homework :)