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Re: Audi 60K service--FYI

     Hi everyone,
     Just moved in to a new office and got all things--including my PC, sorted 
     First, I have to thank to everyone on this listserv for sharing such a 
     very useful/helpful info related to the Audi...well done guys!  Also, 
     especially thank to Robert Myers and Andrew L. Duane who send me their 
     personal replies directly to me...cheers!
     Anyway, I just want to share my most recently experience about 60K 
     maintenance/service from the dealer--Zumbach in midtown NYC.
     Well, I'd sent my car to the dealer for the 60K maintenance/service just a 
     day before I found you guys on this very useful/helpful listserv.  Anyway, 
     I just got my car back and was totally shocked w/ the bottom line on the 
     invoice.  The total is $1,165.89--breaking down as the following:
        - $522.47 for 60K service/labor 4hrs (no O2 sensor replaced, even Audi 
     recommended for every 60K),
        - $266.85 for timing belt/labor 3hrs,
        - $244.88 for replace Valve Cover Gasket & Idle valve vacuum hose/labor 
        - $42 for all 2xV & 1xC-V belts,
        - $88.86 for sales tax (whewww...8.25% in NYC).
     Definitely, I felt as I was "totally screwed" (in my wallet, as well as, my 
     butt) by this dealer.  (Last Tuesday night--Jun/10, I drove my car back to 
     my apt. w/ a lighter wallet, sored in my butt, and notice that my car has 
     much less power/responsive than it was--before checked-in w/ the dealer.)
     After carefully check between the lines on the invoice, I was hit the 
     ceiling.  Because--on the service report/invoice, the "idiot" mechanic at 
     Zumbach really did screw up my car, he dumped "6" qts of oil to my 90's 
     2300cc engine--Audi recommended "3.7" qts to the "max" oil level (when the 
     oil filter is also replaced).  The next morning I ran down and checked the 
     oil dip stick first.  To confirm the service report/invoice, I found that 
     there is actually almost 1.5" of extra oil above the "max" level on the 
     stick.  (This really made me think twice that...is the dealer's mechanic 
     has been certified or really knows all about the cars he services.  In this 
     case, I guess--may be not...huhhh?)
     Anyway, my questions are...
        1) what is/are the consequence(s) of this overfilled oil--2.3 qts/1.5" 
     above the "max" level?
        2) Will it do any harm to the engine /or transmission?
     Pls let me know.
     Many thanks,
     Anyway, I went back to Zumbach after the next day to show them the service 
     recommendation from Audi and demand them to replace the O2 sensor (total 
     $229.36--$167.40 for part...got another rapped from Zumbach), as well as, 
     drain the "extra" oil out.  (As of now, it's still about .25" over the max 
     level on the oil stick.)  Well...my car is now has little bit more power, 
     however, I think it's probably needed the additional "Ignition Timing" 
     tuned-up.  Because the engine is always "knocking" when it's cold.  (Any 
     one knows...Is the "Ignition Timing" tuned-up included in the 60K 
     maintenance/service?  Also, if I wanted to do it myself, is there any 
     precautions/suggestions/special tools required.)
     BTW, is there any FAQ for on this Audi's listserv.  (If yes, pls tell 
     me how to download it...thanks again.)
     PS.  Robert, you're right...Qureshi, and I think he is on the special 
     assignment to the field office.