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RE: '83 5000s turned Q


I think here in the US, the VW Quantum Synchro is pretty much the same
car as a 4000 Quattro, minus a lot of the little extras the quattro had.
 And, of course, the 4000Q was an 80 Quattro in the UK.  

I am pretty sure of this because I have seen them side by side and they
are identical dimensions and the engine is a 5 cyl (as well as the GL5)
the same as the 4000 Quattro, while the standard Audi 4000's and the VW
Quantum's had the same 4 cylinder motor.


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>>      I'm pretty sure (but I dont make a bold statement here) the when
>>the '84
>> 5000 came out Volkswagen carried over the early series 5k and named it the
>> Quantum.  There was an all wheel drive car and it was called the Synchro.
>Wasn't that the saloon (sedan) version of the Passat?  I _think_ they
>went with 
>the "Syncro" name, but the development name for their AWD system was
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