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Interesting ur-quattro problem

The car was towed with the ignition switched on and no fuses or relays 
removed.  Yes, I would have pulled fuse 13 or the fuel pump relay.  But
system should still not have flooded the engine unless something is
wrong - 
like bad control pressure or leaky injectors.  But _gallons_ in a

By any chance does this car have a DT (detections techniques)
an ECU) upgrade? Way back, on some DT promo material I have, Peter W. 
stated that on some installs it was necessary to run the fuel pump all
the time, 
so the engine wouldn't cut it out. Can't remember exactly how they did
4000(80) fuel pump relay, hard grounded the orig ur-q relay, or internal
to the
ECU. Anyways, I seem to recall this as one reason I never pursued the DT
upgrade path.

If the above isn't the case, I think someone along the way hard wired
the fuel pump
on with the ignition switch. I would say a journey into the fuse box and
is in order.

Dave Lawson
quattro Owners Club #P876