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Proposed SCCA Solo II class... little Audi content

Fer those who haven't seen the latest Fastrack News (that thing in the
middle of the scca mag), and for those who are just interested.... it
look like someone in the scca has a clue. Finally.

A street touring class has been proposed to provide a middle ground
between the stock and the street prepared. These days, street prepared
isn't necessarily street legal.

The new class allows suspension mods (no coil overs), antisways, 7" wide
wheels... almost street prep except for engine mods. A cat back unit is
allowed. Its for 2.4 and under engines and FRONT DRIVE! It could take a
little campaigning to get the turbo quattro in this group.

Where does this put my A4 turbo? In Stock, I would run against V6
camaros, probes and mx6s. All fast, have more hp and tighter
suspensions. In street prep, all quattros are CSP, in with race-modified
914s and Miatas. I think some qlister blew the classification with a
killer coupe, making ALL quattros play with the big boys.

With the new class, my (soon, but no too soon to be) lowered, sprung,
shocked and wheeled turbo would run with like cars, probably golfs,
contours, probes.

If scca had failed me and banned quattro (again!!) from this class, then
I hope one of our A4 front drivers from the list goes and cleans
someone's house!

Oh, I think this proposed class would go further to get the average age
of the scca-er down under retirement age than the speed freaks program.

Good Day!
Jason Palmer
97 1.8tqm w/1250miles an' 150hp