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Re: Oil pressure

Amnat Choeypatkul wrote:

>      Hi everyone,
>      Here are my other two problems.
>      1) Whenever I started up the engine--'89 Audi90, at the
> beginning, the
>      "oil pressure" gauge kicked up to almost maximum--about 5 bar. 
> Then,
>      after 10-15 mins (or when the "oil temp" gauge hit 60F degree),
> the oil

You mean 60c, witch is 140F. 60F is real cold for an Audi.

>      pressure will automatically drop to about 1-1.5 bar.  (I'm using
> 10w-40
>      oil.)  The questions...
>         - What is the "normal" oil pressure on the Audi90?
>         - What is the Audi recommended oil grade?  (I couldn't find it
> from
>      the owner manual.)
>         - Is it normal /or OK to have such a very high oil pressure
> when you
>      started up the engine?  (If not, could you pls tell me what
> should I do
>      to correct it.)
>      2) My engine (just had 60K maintenance/service) always knocking
> when
>      the engine is cold and lost its power.  (I had a small garage did
> the
>      "compression test" on all 5 cylinders, before I bought it a month
> ago,
>      and the results were 200-195-200-195-200 psi.  What is the
> ideal/normal
>      pressure (psi) for the compression test should be?  Pls
> Comments.)
>      Right now, I suspect the "Ignition Timing" is not setup properly.
>         - Is there any other place which may cause this "knocking" &
> "Lost
>      of power" I should look into?
Yes, useing 10W 40 oil. This GM stoped useing this wieght oil becuse of
the junk it
left on valves and in the cylinder and on pistons. In winter use 10W 30
and 20W 50 in summer.
Note that you can use a 10W 40 synthetic all the time.

1990 QC