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Re: George Baxter are you here??

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> George,
> If you on the list could you e-mail me?  I'd like to ask you a question or
> two.
> Thanks!
> Eric Fletcher
> Steadiric@aol.com


I think George have unsubbed due to the lack of time, at least that's what he indicated 
during our last meeting @ mid-atlantic Q-club.
He owns an awesome '84 UrQ with IA stage 3, exhaust, large Sp. intercooler, highly 
customized fuel delievery etc. In the cockpit he has a boost gauge, an ehxaust 
pyrometer and a mixture meter ( but, unlike mine, it only has 10 LEDs).

The last time I rode with him, his UrQ was spinning all 4 wheels on asphalt on the 
upshift with 3 of us in the car. That was fun! (Right - Jim G.?)

He's a great guy and knows a lot. He offerd me help in sorting out the fuel delivery 
problem on high boost, but I haven't found time yet to stop by his place.
He runs a vintage Willys restoration shop in 15min away from where I live, yet I only 
see him @ the baby-Q-club meets in Harrisburg. Gotta give him a call one of these days.

Eric, do you want me to tell him that you are looking for him?

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ