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FS: Misc. Stuff

Well, I did a little spring cleaning this past week (no e-mail left me with
plenty of time) and I have come up with some stuff that may be of interest
to you fellow listers:

1) 1977-1983 Audi 5000 Bently repair manual. Good condition (missing corner
from back cover) ...make me an offer because I don't know what they cost

2) 1985-1988 Audi 5000/CS/S/Quattro and Wagon,  Bently repair manual. 2
volumes, both in good shape (a few oil stains here and there, but after
all, what are Bently's for?), $80 (new $112)

3) Maybe someone knows someone who could use this one: 1990-1994 VW
Corrado. Covers G60 and SLC (VR6) models. Very good shape. $80 (new $117)

4) Sparco seat, "Pro 2000" model, very good shape, used for about 600 miles
and then taken out of car, no rips, tears, scratchs, seat is in GREAT
shape, FIA cert., comes with side mount brakets that I had powder coated
red, asking $400 (paid $625). Suitable for driver that are smaller than me.

5) Set of 4 BBS wheels for 4kq's, 80/90q's, or anything with 4x108 bolt
circle. ALL wheels are very straight (not one took more than .5oz to
balance), VERY good shape, wheels were just refinished in silver 350 miles
ago, nearly new set of Hakka 10's on them, the paint and tires were on the
car for Steamboat and I literally put them on the car, drove to Steamboat,
drove on them that weekend, drove home and took them off!! So, the tires
have a total of 350 miles on them (oh yeah, they are 185/70-14). Worked
VERY well on my 4kcsq and I got great gas milage because of the added
gearing! :) $400 

That's about it from me. More to come in the future I'm sure. As always
e-mail me direct and buyer pays shipping (although I do have a corporate
account and it is REAL cheap). 

Laters, Ben
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q