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Re: '83 5000s turned Q

Andrew Eckhardt writes:
> I'm fixing up an old 5000 because I like the classic body (had four of
> em over time) and they really go when you change a few minor things. The
> one I'm keeping just got an engine massage. I'm very seriously hoping to
> put the quattro drive in this car. I have a few notions about this, and
> I've had a popular pro tell me he'd do it for five grand. He confirmed
> when I asked him if he was sure it could be done. I'm not convinced.
> Wasn't there a 200Q that was essentially the same body? Anyone have
> anything to say about this "trick"? I'm looking for parts too. Thanks.

The 5000 series got its first quattro variant in the 1986 U.S. model
year, but that's in the newer, aerodynamic C3 body style.  I suppose
it's possible to retrofit the quattro system into your 83, but it will
take a lot of modifications to your floor pan and rear suspension.
You will probably need to cut off the entire floor aft of the firewall
and graft in one from the later Q.  As you can imagine, this will be quite
labor intensive and expensive.  It won't be an exact fit, either.
I believe the wheelbase of the new body is different than the old,
so there will have to be a lot of custom work.

If you want a Q, buy one as is.  Used ones of the late 80s vintage
don't cost very much...

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