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Re: Turbo Idle screw: To seal or not to seal? That is the question.

> The Haynes manual indicates that idle screw on a 865kt should be sealed.
> Mine is not and turning it affects idle to a small degree one way or
> another.  In my attempt to find a vacuum leak it seems that there might be
> one around this screw. I have to check more closely.  Should this screw be
> resealed in some way or not?

...if you call an O-ring a seal.  The O-ring does the usual thing that Audi
O-rings do (turns into a hard black plastic-like material) and no longer
seals or keeps the screw from turning.  Eventually, the screw unscrews itself,
falls out and you hear a whistling sound from the engine... it may or
may not be drivable and probably won't start.

Go to your local auto parts store with the screw and dead O-ring and get
a little baggie of new o-rings (they always seem to sell them in little
baggies with 5 times the number you need) of an appropriate size.
Having given the screw a new o-ring, you'll need to reset the idle.
You can go thru the measure the current thru the idle stabiliser valve
method to reset the idle, or you can just set it to the appropriate
RPM and you'll be fine. I found that if the RPM is right the current
was right.

BTW, I put a new o-ring on my idle screw, it was causing a vacuum leak,
but I don't think it was a significant leak... pre-empting the screw
falling out was my main concern.