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Re: 4kq trailer hitch


Dan Simoes wrote:
> Thought I'd share some info about hitches on the 4kq and get some
> advice.  This is all for a 84 4kq, the 85 is a bit different
> due to the bumper cover.

I just finished installing my homemade unit. It's a major PITA. The rear
muffler fills up the whole place. The 5 MPH bumper (which I like, FWIW)
can't be touched or travel-limited. The whole butt of the car can't
weigh 75 lbs based on the thickness and availability of structural metal
back there.

> Cheapest: Walmart, universal hitch, $27
> Cheap: Aid Auto Store, Reese hitch that Reese says does not exist, $51
> Huh? : Da'Lan, $110

I was quoted ~$145 from a hitch place and the Audi dealer (same catalog
as the hitch place, BTW). This was for a class 1, non-receiver (ie, you
jam your shin every time you access the trunk at night) hitch.

> I've got the Walmart hitch at home and I'm going to see how it fits.

One can purchase a 1-1/4" receiver tube for ~$25. You could have this
welded to the standard mount and cut off the bruiser. Assuming the
generic hitch will even mount on the car.

> The objective is to have something with which to tow a 4x8 trailer
> for trips to Home Depot, or if my motorcycle ever needs a ride home.
> It's the trailer plus hitch for $600 or so, or a used pickup truck.

My exact quandary. I opted for the hitch, cuz another vehicle was _more_
of a PITA. And because the hitch adds weight to the rear for auto-x.
Great, just what a 115 Hp car needs:  more lbs.

> So... does anyone know what the 84 4kq is rated to tow?  I couldn't
> find any reference to towing (other than being towed) in the owners
> manual.

The late-B2 manual claims 600 kg (1320 lbs). This is also verified by
Tom Nas on the euro-B2, so it's not (for once) the lawyers screwing us.

> FYI, DaLan also makes hitches for the other cars, and most of the
> local hitch places seem to resell their stuff.  Pep Boys too I think.

If I had it to do again, I'd buy the $150 unit and weld on a receiver

'87 4kq with 1-1/4" hitch tube, trunk-extendo platform, and two-bike