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4.11 rear diffs & Centerforce clutches...

>> I guess no one has the 4.11 diffs for a 5ktq huh?

Sure, they're out there ... you just need to call around to salvage yards
looking for an S4, S6, '91 200q or a non-turbo 5kq rear diff.  I don't have
the code handy but that doesn't matter since no employee of any salvage yard
I've ever talked to keeps track of these things ... btw, you might also try
Overland Parts: last year, we bought a BRAND NEW S4 rear end from them --
subframes, diff, brakes, ABS sensors, lug bolts, etc. -- for $950! They only
had four of them left but I've heard they didn't sell real well so they may
still have one ... price the suspension bushings and CV joints alone and
you'll quickly see what a bargain this was.  I believe the no. is (408)
848-4205 but that's off the top of my head ... let me know if that doesn't
work and I'll get a better one for you.

BTW, Centerforce is located about an hour north of Phoenix in Prescott, AZ
and several local racer-types have had them custom-build clutches ... if
they don't have an appropriate core on hand, you will have to send them one
to rebuild but that shouldn't be too difficult for you to accomodate.  I
will ask around and see if there is a specific person you need to talk with
there ... don't have their telephone number handy but it should be in the
(520) area code.

P.S.: See how much better things work when you're not copping an attitude?  :^)
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