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Re: Interesting ur-quattro problem

In a message dated 97-06-17 06:21:28 EDT, dlawson@ball.com (Dave Lawson)

 stated that on some installs it was necessary to run the fuel pump all
 the time, 
 so the engine wouldn't cut it out. Can't remember exactly how they did
 it,  >>

        This I can almost guarantee is the culprit,  Nice job watson.  ;-)
  I have seen a few owners jumper out the fuel pump relay to avoid cutouts.
 I had this done in an emergency by a dealer in Georgia a few years back.
 The part was not going to be available for a couple of days and I was in
transit so we did it.  The dealer DID stress the importance of replacement of
the part asap.   But I have also seen some ultra high performance tuners (yea
I'm kiddin with that one)  jumper out the relay to override the overboost

Good luck, and pray that it didn't hydro-lock.