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Re: Contact cleaner sources?

At 01:18 PM 6/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-06-17 10:04:01 EDT, you write:
><< I've  had good luck using aerosol color TV tuner cleaner, sold at Radio
> Shack, for window switches and such.<snip>
> Ben Baldridge
> Antenna Laboratory
> Tracor Aerospace Electronic Systems, Inc. >>
>Hi Ben,
>Not to argue buuuut-while you obviously have electronic credentials, the
>products you are comparing to the Caig products are akin to comparing a yugo
>to an Audi. I have been a professional service tech for more than 20 years in
>a marine air climate and have never seen a product which even comes close to
>the Caig Labs Cramolin, now called De-Oxit (I think) and now they also offer
>Pro-Gold which is even better, but more spendy. The stuff they sell at Radio
>Shack, etc. works in a pinch. Actualy the next best thing I have found is LPS
>Electronic Contact Cleaner and it is sold at most decent hardware stores. HTH
>Mike Veglia
>85 4ksq

Dear Mike,

I'll have to try these products - sounds like really goooood stuff.  I guess
I got used to using the Radio Shack/Hoppes' #9/pencil eraser tricks because
the switches/contacts/etc., always seemed to fail in the worst possible
times and places - like the windows stuck down in a rainstorm, or no lights
suddenly at night,far away from home, etc., and I had to scramble and
improvise to fix it. Boy, would I love to have a nice new Audi that didn't
do this stuff to me. 

Honest, I don't always do things half-*ssed. It just seems that way sometimes. 

Ben Baldridge
Antenna Laboratory
Tracor Aerospace Electronic Systems, Inc.