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Re: Automotive Books Relevant to Audi

Pete Kraus <Pete_Kraus@EMORY.ORG> wrote:

>On Tuesday Lee Levitt asked for help putting together a list of
>Audi-related books for a website.

Must've missed that one in my frantic page-downing through a week and a
half's-worth of q-digests.

>I have a soft-cover book entitled A History of Progress 1988, published
>in house by Audi.  There is no ISBN, no author.  In fact, the only
>publication reference consists of Audi's Ingolstadt address on the back

My copy's in French of all tongues, and called 'La roue du temps' ('the
wheels of time', loosely translated). Cost me nearly as long to read as
last week's digests :-). No ISBN either. I've seen a German version at a
swapmeet, too.

>Every historically-minded Audi fan would want a copy.  Unfortunately, I
>haven't a clue where to obtain one.  I don't even recall where I got mine,
>probably at a used book store somewhere in the U.S. (I seek out used
>book stores wherever I travel).  Does anyone know whether they were
>available originally through dealers' parts departments?

I concure wholeheartedly. Mine was _given_ to me when I visited a meeting
of the Dutch Audi Club somewhere last year. Great stuff, pity there's no
colour in it. Along with it came an Audi booklet that explains the Audi
production process. Fascinating.
There are a couple of other books that concentrate on Audi. One's actually
a two-volume foliant, in German, concentrating on the pre-70s cars. Very
dry, very detailed. Very expensive. Two books in Dutch with a couple of
nice pics, one of which crops up regularly at bargain booksellers for
equiv. $2.50. Great value, even if you don't read the language but just
want to look at the pics (nice UrQ, Sport Q, 100 Coupe pics).
The mother of all books, soon to appear, should be the book by Eric Dymock
(well-respected automotive journo). No ISBN known yet, I even can't find
the title (but I've posted it to the list before). Eagerly awaited by me.


1988 80 1.8S 210,000 km- Tizianrot metallic (beautiful colour indeed, and
quite easy to maintain as well thank you very much)

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