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Re: A4 screeching brakes

>>>>> "Curtis" == Curtis Foon <cfoon@stanford.edu> writes:

    Curtis> I have around 14K miles on my A4, and the brakes have
    Curtis> started screeching whenever I stop.  It is the type of
    Curtis> sound that happens when your brake pads are low, but my
    Curtis> dealer says don't worry about it.  I haven't had this
    Curtis> sound happening so suddenly with a new car before, so
    Curtis> should I be worried?

Nope. Reported to be a "feature" of the A4. ~14K miles is the usual
that I've see people complaining about this. A weekend on the track
with the Q-club (at about 8K mi.) accelerated the coming out of this
"feature" on my car. ;-)

- Bob

'97 A4Q (A brake squeeling Cactus Green) ~9K mi.

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