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RE: '98 30V A4 tiptronic

I'd pick the 1.8Tq, but that's just my preference and it's not a strong
one at that.

The 1.8 is more "tunable" as the 240+hp that's being extracted from it
in Europe shows, but the 30v V6 is a very sweet engine and 190hp (more
with a less restrictive exhaust) is not to scoff at in an A4. Oh, and
the 1.8 is at least 100lbs lighter as well.

Also, you save $7,000 - not inconsiderable and a lot of money to use on
modifications if you should so choose.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
  98 volvo v70 t5 - 5-speed
  94 acura legend gs - 6-speed...

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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 13:05:45 -0700
From: Steve Valin <steve@sgi.com>
Subject: '98 30V A4 tiptronic


Anyone have an opinion on which is the better buy?:

new '97 1.8TQ manual  = $27K
used '96 2.8Q manual  = $27K
new '98 2.8Q 30V man  = $34K

- -steve