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Fw: Audi-Yugo

>Remember, not everything was bad on the Yugo.  We even have a lister who
>races one!

>-Ingo Rautenberg
'>90 V8Q

 I  had a 1990 YUGO and I am almost certain that ignition system was more reliable that
one on my Lumina 91... Complete YUGOs ignition system including module, distributor,
coil, cap and wires were BOSH components - made in Germany.  Some 4 cyl BMWs had almost
the same ignition.  Rest of the car was bad.  It was based on an old FIAT model 127, but
those Fiats (made in Italy) were not much better than YUGOs imported in US.  You probably
won't believe that YUGOs for the American market were drastically better than those sold
on the  local Yugoslavian market, although both were assembled on the same line in Serbia

Vlajko Jokic

88 90Q