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RE: Please help my RS2/S6 Plus ignorance

RS2 is based on the 80/90 Avant platform. It has the 2.2l 5cyl turbo 20V
engine tweaked to over 320hp and was designed in cooperation with
Porsche. S6 Plus Avant is based on the A6 platform and made by Quattro
GmbH - a small company that is going to be Audi's factory tuner. It has
similar horsepower ( don't remeber exact numbers), but it comes from
4.2l V8 engine.


	>Over here in Canada (where I sadly believe that >neither car is
	>it seems to me that the RS2 Avant is the same car >Audi calls
the S6 Plus
	>Avant in Germany. Is this the case, or am I >mistaken?