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Re: Please be gentle.....

You wrote:

> wrt radar detectors, ymmv - the valentine 1 won't work correctly in new zealand
> due to the different radar tuning down here.  i went to the expense of a
> completely concealed unit wired in, and used another audi dash switch to mute
> on/off it.  it saved me the other day when i was pulled over for 143k in a 100.
>  the revenue collection officer was in 'instant on' mode, but i picked him up
> well over a k away and slowed to the regulation 100.  he must have been a
> little suspicious, and tailed me.  as it was night time all i could see were a
> set of headlights getting closer.  as this is not a normal occurrence when i'm
> driving 'a' to 'b', i immediately slowed and sure enough about 2 minutes later
> he hit his lights.  he let me off with a warning due, i think, to my 'lack' of
> a detector (ie. he believed that my 1st speed was legitimate and my explanation
> that 'my speed just got away on me officer')

Am I missing something here ??  Sounds like the V-1 worked to me.

'87 5KCSTQ

Kurt Wesseling
Technical Support Center
The Education Network of Maine