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On 6/16/97, Dan Simoes asked:

>So... does anyone know what the 84 4kq is rated to tow?  I couldn't
>find any reference to towing (other than being towed) in the owners

The German '84 80 catalog says 5-cylinder models, manual or
automatic, may tow brake-equipped trailers weighing up to 3080 lbs.
(1400 kg) on grades up to 12%.  Unbraked trailers are limited to 1232
lbs. (560 kg.)  Love that German precision!  These figures are for FWD
models.  I have a full-line catalog that features the 80 Quattro, but it
doesn't include towing specs.

While looking this up, I was slightly disappointed to discover that I have
no U.S. sales literature for any of the '84 models, even though I have
catalogs from '83 back and '85 forward.  Not that U.S. catalogs include
towing limits, but if anyone has spare '84 literature they'd be willing to
part with, please contact me privately.  

'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28