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Re: Fw: Blow OFF!!!

In a message dated 97-06-17 23:27:19 EDT, you write:

<< it all prevented me >from buying the 1.5" tube.   I also figured that
> the wastegate only flows gas when I'm >off the throttle, there was  plenty
> of room in that 3": sewer pipe for a measly wastegate.
> I thought it was the other way around!  I thought the wastegate flowed when
> it was opened by the exhaust pressure reaching your maximum boost, or by a
> computer sensing same.  So your little second pipe *would* be relieving
> pressure from the big pipe at it's most extreme use.
> Was I wrong all this time?
Huw is correct.  The wastegate operates during boost, not when throttle is
closed.  When the throttle is closed, there is no exhaust pressure to
activate the WG.  That is a blow off valve (pre t-body) or Bypass valve
operation.  Hence my argument regarding turbulence to Ross.  If you take the
turbulent air OUT of the downpipe during full boost, you have a better
airflow in that pipe.  And "faster" quarter mile times to boot (prolly 3
seconds or so, yea right:)