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Mt. Washington expedition

Those traveling to the Mt. Wash Hillclimb, don't go up Rte. 16
through Conway. Take 93 to the Kankguhmangleus Highway,
go up and over the notch and then bang a left onto Bear Notch Rd.
This is the scenic and QUATTRO route! Bypasses all the traffic and
outlet stores too. At the end of Bear Notch Rd. bang a right and
this brings you into North Conway North of all the BS. Bang a left
onto 16N and you're almost there.....

ps My wife picked up some real nice color brochures covering the
race at Shop & Save in Concord NH, beautiful pics of Bruno's ur-q
at speed on the front cover and a nice photo of Frank Sprongle's S2
on-course above treeline with what appears to be 1-2 FEET of sky
between all four tahrs and the 'road'. NICE! Wish I could scan it in
and post it........

-glen   gpowell@acacianet.com   (I am NOT on this list)