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Re: 20vt head v. 10vt head

 Bruce asked:

>	Couple of questions, one that may be stupid.
>	1.  Will the 20vt head bolt on to a pre-91 Audi turbo motor?

Yes, it will physically bolt on to _any_ 5 cyl Audi block.  Nomex on...  I
have one sitting on my '82 ur q WX block now.   The block is the LEAST of the
problems with installing the 20V head.

>	2.  Anyone have the cc's handy for the 20vt head and the 89 dual
>    knock turbo head?  In other words, how do they compare?

The 20V head has more volume, and less dish on the pistons.  So _no_ you
can't just slap the head on and call it good.  You need the pistons to give
you the right compression ratio.  No, I don't have exact volumes, but one
look at them side-by-side will tell you that they're very different.

The 20Vt pistons are fairly flat, with valve reliefs cut for the intakes and
a half dollar sized "dish"  to lower compression.  20V Non turbos are flat
top with intake valve reliefs and are cast, whereas the turbo pistons are
forged.  Yup, I have complete sets of both kinds of pistons.  And motors for
that matter.

I've personally been down the "how 'bout I stick on the 20V head on my MC
engine" road and have found that it is easier (and cheaper!) just to
transplant the whole 3B with injection system, plumbing and all.  Scott Davis
put a 20V head on his '85 ur q and has put a LOT of money into custom fuel
injection, plumbing, etc.  A complete 3B conversion is pretty much "plug and
play" comparatively.

Then again you could just buy a '91 200q and have all the goodies right off
the bat....

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q 3B to be (soon, very soon...)