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Re: Car phones

I just posted but want to add - I know that the latest gen. hands free 
phones are better and voice activated, but most people dont have them. 
I was giving my perspective vis a vis the U.K/U.S. thread on fines and 
tickets and the remarks by Phil Payne. My car phone is NOT an extension 
of my business number or my home number. It is for emergencies only and 
only a couple of people have the number. This is the way I wanted it 
because I am too damn busy driving for other people here as well as for 
myself. Generally, I enjoy driving (I used to race) and I take it very 
seriously but it is becoming more of chore given the gross inattention 
by most of my fellow commuters (eating breakfast, combing hair, putting 
on make-up, yelling into hand-held car phones, wrestling with kids, 
unsignalled lane changes etc). I now let the train take most of the 

NAC - we didn't fit the cell phone option in our A4q!

Phil C.
96 A4q2.8 slushbox (its the wifes but I love it)
88 Supra Turbo w.mods (300+hp)