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Royal said:

>      A tailgating motorcyclist is a stupid motorcyclist, but they don't
> deserve to die or possibly be seriously injured for it.

Winchell said:

W:>>In my mind, a person tailgating me on a motorcycle is basically saying
  >>a complete jackass idiot and have no regard for my own life or anyone
R:  A little harsh...but at that moment..also true.

W:>>I often have motorcycles come up between lanes of traffic next to me,
which invariably
 >>makes me want to throw my car door open into them. I don't do it, but I
 >>usually stick my arm out the window as far as I can (I'm talking about
 >>stopped at lights here, not at speed). Am I a jerk for doing it? Not as
 >>much as they are.
Royal says more:

No, it doesn't make you a jerk, but it is a good waste of an arm out the

A. You might hurt your arm
B. You won't change the rider's mind.
C. Don't forget that some riders (myself included) while we may not go past
a great many cars,
   will come up between cars temporarily, because it is safer than risking
the automobile      sandwich....that fender bender caused when two cars
bump in traffic is just a wee bit  more serious on a bike.
D. Your points are well taken, there are some crazy riders _and_ drivers
out there..but..
    when it comes to bikes...when in doubt, take the intellectual and
safety high
    road is all I'm saying..a mishap with a bike will definately ruin your

Paul Royal
90 90Q20v
90 Suzuki VX800