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Re: Fan/Pump

At 03:36 PM 6/18/97 CDT, you wrote:
>> If you get the wrong thermoswitch yer battery will be toast...
>Oh, THANKS.  What a cheery note!!!!  
>So what do I do now????
>I called Linda @ Carlsen to get it...she SHOULD send the right one, 

Remove yer old one and look at the part number AND the temp it operates
at...  It is virtually impossible to find on the microfiche, and is usually
confused with a non turbo AC thermoswitch that operates around 40C - you
need the one that operates at 95C (thereabouts) and has a WHITE insulator
with a RED dot on it. If you get the wrong one it will operate virtually all
the time... To make it more interesting, all these thermoswitches carry
VIRTUALLY the same part number and the temp rating is identified by an A, B,
C, etc. For instance, I believe the after run on 20V non turbos looks
exactly the same but operates at 110C...


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