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Me, either, for the tap-dancing. However...

I almost caused myself nightmares for the rest of my life two days ago
commuting in traffic. Poking along at about 35-40mph, bumper-to-bumper,
the next lane was making better progress, so I was keeping the old
peepers peeled for an opening. I saw one, signalled (a rarity in Boston
commuting, but I do it anyway, just to astound the proles), and started
to turn. DAMN!!!! Where'd that agricultural implement (you know the
type, two wheels, inverted black spraypainted half of a basketball
helmet, sounds like a FarmAll on its last legs) come from? Running
between the lanes of cars! IDIOT!!!! I came *this* close to having to
explain to the officer why I killed the motorcyclist, and to the shrink
why I can't sleep.

Do they think they're better than those of us with too many wheels, or
are they just STUPID? Prolly a combination. Too bad Darwin's theory is
illegal in individual circumstances.

OTOH, riding defensively with traffic can be hairy, but worth it when
the traffic thins out. We all have to remember to share the road with
other forms of traffic. I'm tempted to get a yellow bumper sticker
admonishing motorcycles to "Share the Road with Cars". NOT.

Sorry for the rant.

-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Rob Winchell [SMTP:rbw@avs.com]
	That being said, I would not "tap" my brakes, either. I often
	motorcycles come up between lanes of traffic next to me, which
	makes me want to throw my car door open into them. I don't do
it, but I do 
	usually stick my arm out the window as far as I can (I'm talking
	stopped at lights here, not at speed). Am I a jerk for doing it?
Not as 
	much as they are.