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Faded rear badges

Dear Q-listers:

I have come up with what I thought was a novel solution to the problem
of the faded "Audi 4000 CS" and "quattro" badges on the trunk lid of my
'87. The silver coating was faded somewhat, and it looked pretty lame.
At first I thought about repainting them or replacing them. Painting
seemed impractical since I couldn't see a decent way of keeping the
paint on them. Replacing them sounded like a slightly expensive pain.

Instead what I did was to use a kitchen scratchy sponge (medium
abraisive) to take off the rest of the silver coating. Now they look
nicely "blacked-out" and this looks great against my red paint. It only
took about 10 minutes and I think it looks better than the silver did in
the first place. 

I've been on the list for a few months and haven't seen this approach,
so I hope it's not common wisdom and therefore a waste of bandwidth.

-Marc Gorelick
-'87 4kcsq (for yucky Michigan weather)
-'91 Miata (license plate: WHEEEE)