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Blow off valve,fact or fiction?

Ross Esposito              rippmods@rapidramp.net               
Ripp Modifications       

Hold it!
I don't want to start any of this again!
Thank you for your input on the blowoff valve.
Fact is,I tried your way and my way!
Your way made the CSI flap close shut!
and starve the engine!
My way cept the hoses all happy during shifts
and cept the turbo spinning!

Seems to me "some" of you are really on the defensive
I don't know,most of you are really cool,but some times 
you have to look past what the books say and go with what 
works!If rerouting it was better I would of left it that way!
What would happen, after a 22psi run, during a shift ,is a 
Big BOGG not what your saying!

Please guys stay calm, I tried alot of stuff in the past years,
if you feel your way is better ,try it!see how it works,but 
don't go telling everyone I must be doing everything wrong 
what do you think this is a game!  
You formulas are great but fact is it works this way.
Can you explain that?

Anybody do any looking into the ign.system(spark)
my KV is low in my opinion!only 12Kv at idle.
Max KV is 24.On a 89 200tq I tested 48 isn't that weird?

I called up Center force they said 6weeks!
they need a new clutch to resurface,but what I wanted was
to change they spring inside the clutch.
Did you know the flywheel on a 88 is lighter!
Also don't lighten the factory flywheel,because it gets way 
to hot!

Graydon how much fuel pressure do you have?
  I got 83psi! at the distrib.the plugs look beautiful,
but I wonder if more would be better?
The car runs cool no detination even when the air is hot!

Thanks again Ross:-)