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Defensive driving (no audi content and too long, gee, will anyone read it?)

Sorry about this, it is probably not the ideal place to discuss it but here
goes anyway (no respector of tradition but I guess I'm still young and

The recent threads on mobile phone use, nose picking, passenger distraction,
motorcycle awareness or the lack thereof etc. etc. are really all down to
the same thing. Thinking about what you are doing. I do not consider myself
a good driver at all. I am better than a some of people I have met and
shared a car with but virtually every day I am aware that I could have
approached a junction better, negotiated a roundabout with more awareness
and so on. EVERY day. 

Specifically with respect to motorcyclists, I am always looking in my
mirrors and over my shoulder to move over slightly in my lane for a
motorcyclist to make easier progress past me, especially in slower moving
traffic. I do not care whether or not they are obeying the letter of the
Highway code or not, the fact is they do do this and I know they do, it
would be irresponsible of me to ignore this fact and act in a more dangerous

Since buying my car ('85 audi 80 sport) I have been more aware of the
increased level of concentration and road awareness that I have tried to
achieve. I used to drive an '82 honda civic which didn't get into trouble
anyway near as quickly as my new car can (although I did still pile it into
a wall, sorry mum!). As a result I find myself driving MUCH more
defensively, looking as far down the motorway as possible, checking side
junctions and generally being much more prepared to slow down or stop if
conditions dictate. This is similar to the effect four weeks of driving in
Italy had on my driving a couple of yeas ago. Although the effects wore off
slowly after that experience, the things I learned or acquired are coming
back quickly and I feel the better for it.

Not to go on too long, more generally I try to minimise the distractions to
me as a driver in all circumstances. I know that I have difficulty holding a
conversation, meddling with my stereo, picking my nose (er well scratching
it anyway), putting my sunglasses on and so on when negotiating a difficult
junction etc so stop doing whatever until conditions are easier. I
understand that many people would consider that speaking on the phone etc.
is not too much of a distraction, I try to think of how I would feel after
an accident where I had been distracted. This does not spoil my enjoyment of
driving in the slightest, I still pull silly, unneccessary manouvers where I
am sure the consequences are not dire and in the event of an accident would
involve my car only.

I can't believe I said all that, especially as I am in my early 20's and
about to witness some really silly unneccessary manouvers at Goodwood this
weekend, ahh well, responsibility just seems to creep up on you after
turning 21. Bugger.

It is too long and there is probably a more suitable discussion group, sorry
(you were warned!)