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RE: Cops Tailgating

No - they do not!  If, however, when they ask you, "Do you mind if I look
inside your car?" or something to that effect, and you answer with words
indicating that you don't mind then you are voluntarily waiving your fourth
amendment rights and have given them the go ahead to search to their
heart's content.

Your answer should be something like "I do mind and I'm not willing to give
up my fourth amendment rights to freedom from unreasonable search and
seizure".  Unless, of course, you *want* some ham handed minion of the law
scrounging through your possessions.  Realize that if you do answer this
way that the REO might just detain you at the side of the road in zero
degree weather until a judge can be roused out of his nice warm bed at two
AM and be persuaded to issue a search warrant.

At 12:13 PM 6/19/97 +0200, you wrote:

>Do they have the right to search the car without a search warrant?
>						Alex
>	>Ther cops in my city (more like a town) will stop >you for
>anything they can
>	>if you drive a car that looks old or fast. They >follow my best
>friend 15 miles
>	>sometimes (who drives a Z28) and will stop him for >things such
>as not signaling
>	>100 FT. before a turn / lane change. 
>	>Then they will ask him to step out of the car and >search it!
>	>Talk about harassment!!
>	>Rich
>	>rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu
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