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Masculine or feminine? Part 2. And end, I hope.

Wow, good thing I had my Nomex on and locked! Huw Powell took GREAT
exception to my observations on this, and gave me both barrels, point blank!

(if "GREAT" were in HTML, it would be <blink><red!><fontsize+10> and more.)

Huw, no offense intended, no derogatory attitudes implied or condoned, I am
aware that this is the 90s, and my conciousness is raised at least a little
above the level of my keyboard and monitor, which currently lie shattered
and smoking in the mud.

I sometimes think that I am the last living gentleman in Florida: I used to
open car doors for my dates, and currently open car doors for my wife. Since
this is the 90s, often this put me into a no-win situation: Open the door
and I'm a male chauvinst pig who exploits women, don't open the car door and
I'm an insensitive boor who picks his nose, farts, and scratches. 

Of course MB is an incredibly successful logo/brand - the cars are very
good, but not five or ten times as good as the competition - MB is (and most
other auto maufacturers are or want to be) selling IMAGE as much as
transportation. It is the IMAGE that MB projects which a) is an important
facet of their undeniable success and b) has great appeal to the "opposite"
sex, whichever sex you happen to be.

Please note that I am NOT making this as a value judgement, or to denigrate
ANYONE, of any sex whatsoever - it's just a sociological observation - like
"many men wear blue shirts" or "women often wear dresses".

Again, I regret having offended you so completely, and I'm afraid you'll
have to take my (typed) word that I'm neither a sexist jerk/moron or a fan
of the website you mentioned (not even enough to go look at it - the title
alone tells me I wouldn't be interested in it.)

And now back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

Best (non-sexist) regards,

Mike Arman