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On Jun 19,  9:26am, Douglas Mancini  - Order Manager - OFC Netherlands wrote:
> You are a compleeeeeeeeeeeete jerk for doing that!
> So Finally I get to vent on One of these guys that has a problem
> with me white-lining. [..]

> Or are you just Jealous that I can plod along while you sit there?

	Jealousy is certainly part of it :-)

	But seriously, "white-lining" seems like a really bad idea
	for both parties concerned.  I've seen motorcyclists
	nearly killed by some inattentive motorist suddenly
	deciding to pull out, and I've also witnessed a motorcyclist
	take out the mirror of a stationary car. (And proceed
	without stopping, I might add).

	However, it *is* legal in CA to do it at speeds below 25 mph.

	As far as braking is concerned, I find it hard to believe
	that a modern motorcycle would ever have trouble stopping
	faster than *any* car.  The converse is far more scary:
	I once came 60 mph over a rise on the freeway to find the
	traffic stopped dead -- with motorcycle at the tail end!
	It just so happened that there was a gap I was able to dive
	into.  *My* knees were weak for quite a while after that --
	the rider's life must have flashed before his eyes.


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