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A4 1.8TQ problems

    My name is Walt Corey, brother to Shef Corey, a subscriber to this
list. I purchased last Dec an Audi A4 1.8QT and have had more than my share
of problems. Can any of you comment on the following.

1) broken cassette deck on delivery - its been 6 months and its still not
fixed/replaced. Alledgedly cronically backordered.
2) gas gauge only registers 3/4 full on full tank.
3) Automatic often appears to be stuck in a higher gear than 1st after a
stop. The symptoms of this are, upon accelerating from a stop, nothing
happens, the car barely crawls, no appreciable rpms and no appreciable
speed. The only way I have found to overcome this is drop the gearshift
into 2, then after its going shift to D.

The dealership appears to be clueless on these problems and I have become
very frustrated with the Audi experience.

If these problems are indemic, please respond directly.

Thank, and happy motoring,