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re: Intercooler coolers...

>I assume you are using distilled water?  If not, this would seem to cause a
>calcium/lime buildup on the intercooler from hard water resulting in
>decreased efficency over time.  

Nope ... it's too much of a pain to carry distilled water around with me so
I just use the tap water available at the gas station.  I clean the nozzle
every few months by soaking it in the same stuff I use for the nozzles of my
patio mister system ... works great!  I haven't noticed any build-up on the
intercooler itself yet but I may need to look into this ... of course, I'm
still looking for an excuse to replace it with a custom-spec one using a
Spearco core so it wouldn't be a big deal if it did.

(sorry for double-posting ... I hit the wrong combination of keys the first
time and -- whoosh! -- off it went)

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